What I Do

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m Gustave Drouin, and I will be your host for all things to do with fitness, health, and food.

I own a restaurant in San Francisco, California. We specialize in a Mediterranean cuisine and we’ve open and thriving (knock on wood) for over two years now. Through high school and college, there were two things that fascinated me: one was food, and the other was calisthenics. Besides wanting to learn how to cook, I wanted to become a strength training coach. After quite a lot of deliberation, I decided to go to culinary school and specialize in the preparation of seafood. However alongside learning how to cook, I never lost sight of my training and continued to train and experiment with harder exercises and movements in calisthenics.

Since my restaurant is well established and doing reasonably well, I decided to dedicate more time to my training and practice.

Why Calisthenics?

Unlike other forms of training involving moving excess weight or requiring specific exercise equipment, calisthenics requires only your body weight. Simply put, Calisthenics is the art of using body weight, inertia and leverage to build and develop one’s physique. It can be performed anywhere and is not restricted by space or equipment. Although for advanced stages, you will require a pull-up rod or a dip bar, for the most part, you can build body strength by using simple, everyday house hold items. Improvisation is the name of the game. I use chairs for my dips, a simple stool for elevated push-ups and an old wooden box to do jumps, step ups, and other plyometrics.

For this blog I have created guides for development in calisthenics from simple movements like the push up to harder more complex movements like the muscle up and the burpee. Alongside my guides, there are articles on the best foods to build strength, cut, lose weight, pump as well as eat a healthy diet. You will also find articles on specific workouts designed for people with busy schedules, product reviews, tips and more. Get reading guys and start your journey to a fitter you.

Don’t forget to have fun along the way.