4 Reasons Why your Workout isn’t Working

Different exercises provide different benefits. People perform low intensity exercises for losing weight and maintaining fitness. And they do high intensity pushups and squats for strengthening the core and enlarging abdomen. Less or more, exercises do offer some type of health benefits. But people still complain about some exercise programs. There was one comment in popular U.S magazine “I have performed several exercises, followed different fitness program but haven’t got rid of belly fat”.

There could be many reasons for this. One, he/she haven’t eaten right food. Second, he/she haven’t performed right exercises. Third, he/she might had used wrong exercise machine. Many people make these common mistakes. I spent a month and collected the mistakes made by people during exercise programs. Let us go through 4 popular reasons why the workout isn’t working:


1. You do not Avoid Unnecessary Calories

Can you lose your weight by eating fast foods and other calorie meals on the daily basis? By eating unhealthy food on one side and performing exercises on another side you cannot burn your belly fat. If you want better results in shorter periods, you need to take care of your diet. Along with strength training exercises, you need to consume nutritious diet food on regular routines. If you like to eat fruits, then banana and blueberries are best for you.

2. You Only Perform Cardio

No doubt, cardio is essential to strength training exercise. But by performing cardio alone, you cannot enjoy huge health benefits. You would burn calories, strengthen muscles but not maintaining the body posture and alignment. For acquiring entire body workout, you need to perform push-ups(or press-ups), squats, planks, and lunges. Along with all these, you can also do traditional yoga exercises. If you are a beginner and do not different exercises, then you should undergo circuit training or resistance training.

3. You Use Wrong Machines

It is always important to use the particular machine that suits the size and weight. Along with this, people also need to consider the condition of machines. Whether you have any back pain or are completely healthy, you must not use wrong exercise machines. Neither you can burn calories nor tone muscles by using improper devices. Before purchasing exercise bikes, you need to go through all the characteristics.

4. You Might Be Following Others

Different types of people regularly visit gyms. Some have the great type of body fitness while others depict decent muscles and abs. Most of the people tend to follow the habits and routines of trainers or experienced professionals. They perform same workouts and eat same foods. Yes, I agree, this is a good habit. But, this does not provide benefits to all. By copying high impact exercises, people with weak muscles generally hurt themselves. Some people even degrade their complete workout program by performing these activities.

I guess, you must be one of them. If you want maximum benefits from workout programs, then you need to stop all this and keep on performing exercises that work your specific body.


Most of the people make some common mistakes in workout programs. Some do not avoid consumption of unnecessary calories. Some purchase exercise machines without considering their size and weight. Some only perform cardio exercises and do not think of squats, lunges, planks and push-ups. Last, some follow workouts of other people and degrade their own exercise objectives.

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