Proform 440 R Rowing Machine

The Proform 440 R Rowing machine is a fantastic machine that provides wonderful cardiovascular workouts. This machine suits very well for all types of rowers. If you have tried various machines for burning calories and maintaining wonderful body shape but have not got successful, you should try newly designed Proform 440 R Rowing machine. This machine has many unique functions and qualities that makes it one of the best-selling rowing machine available in the market.


Dual action machine

The Proform 440 R Rowing machine provides two different actions at the same time. You can do effective rowing and also other wonderful workouts because of the availability of the unique low pulley with this machine. Thus, you can burn effective calories and also achieve strength training simultaneously from the machine. Also, you can acquire all the other benefits from this efficient machine making rowing a high-tech experience. Continue reading to know about trampoline .

Innovative and space saver machine

The Proform 440 R Rowing machine is a machine designed with the latest technology with various innovations. Due to the innovations, the machine is the international quality standard product. Also, the machine saves gets fit in a small amount of space so save a lot of space for other products. Thus, this incredible machine provides great strengthening and toning of muscles having designed with the latest technology.


Features and Specifications

  1. The Proform 440 R Rowing machine has large pivoting pedals with adjustable nylon foot straps and a low pulley.
  2. This rowing machine offers eight rowing resistance levels that provide light and heavy workout and thus help in building various muscles.
  3. This rowing machine has a large LCD monitor that track calories burned, total strokes, strokes per minute, distance and time.
  4. This unique machine has a wonderful flywheel for various inertia movements and aluminium seat for doing effective workouts.
  5. The machine is designed in a unique style using the seat and the pulley and provide amazing upper body workout.
  6. This machine is available in two different colours such as black and silver weighs only 72 pounds.
  7. The machine is ISO-9001 certified and so provides very high-performance exercises.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Proform 440 R Rowing machine is a superb machine that offers many types of exercises. Due to this thing, it is liked by many persons and is becoming more and more popular every day.


I found 94 customer reviews and they have awarded Proform 440 R Rowing machine with 3.4 rating out of 5. Many customers have said that they were happy with the 90 day warranty period with the product. While some have said that the product is not very tough to assemble or to use. Some have also said that the product is not as good as normal Proform equipment.

The Proform 440 R Rowing machine overall has positive customer reviews so I would like you suggest this machine for doing many cardio workouts.

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Summing up, the Proform 440 R Rowing machine is very popular rowing machine that offers an enormous number of exercises. This device is compact, durable and has long lasting behaviour. Also, the machine is designed with the latest technology providing all new functions that a modern man aspires for nowadays. Thus, hurry up and try this superb machine and acquire amazing workouts.

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